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Leak In Our Roof

Seems a lot has been happening lately, no?

Anyway, Lucien discovered yesterday after the big storm that came through that there was a leak by one of our bathrooms. He called our insurance agent right away, who recommended a specialist to come by to check it out.

So, the guy came by and we found out the there was a hail and structural damage on our roof. He said that he will need to change the whole roof for a new one.

Things worked out pretty well, considering that the dude was willing to pay off our deductible if we let him put his sign up on our lawn for a given time. And, of course, the insurance pays off the cost so we pay nothing from our pockets.

The adjuster will be coming in tomorrow to survey how much damage our roof really has.

In other news, I just got the mail from Homeland Security telling me that I’m going on for my citizenship interview on January 25th. Woohoo! :)

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