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Looking Forward, Never Backward

A new year has just come and gone. And to think, I was enjoying time with family and missed midnight by 2 minutes. :P Nevertheless, it was enjoyable.

I went to my sister’s and we spent the last minutes of last year at her place. While we were driving on our way there, I called a few people I haven’t talked to in a while and gave them a nice surprise. :)

I can’t believe it’s already 2005. There will be a lot of events this year. There were a lot of events last year as well, but I hope this year won’t be so hectic.

Looking forward, never backward. I like to think I don’t live in the past. Well, I don’t, but I still reminisce on times long gone and things that have been done right. But we should never stay in the past. We should look forward to the future, on what accomplishments, great or small, we can fulfill.

Things to come for me, for now:
– an interview with the INS
– a trip to the Philippines
– a trip, hopefully, to Hawaii for my cousin’s wedding
– hopefully, oath-taking ceremony to become a U.S. citizen

Here’s to 2005. May it be as joyous as it was last year.

2 thoughts on “Looking Forward, Never Backward”

  1. Thanks for the phone call. It’s my turn now. Vern and I thoroughly enjoyed speaking with you and Lucien.

    I’m a tad embarrassed that I was so incredibly tired. Being out in the woods all that time without power and lots of snow does knock one’s sails out a little, but mainly I think it was the 4 hour drive home.

    Well, as I said, most wonderful to talk to you. And like I told you I would, I thought of a million things to say AFTER I hung up.

    I was tired…

    *hugs* :)

  2. I know I added you to my yahoo messager and I need to start talking to you and Marie Logan. I have talked with her here and I need to get ya’ll on the yahoo messager. I hope you and your family is doing good.


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