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We got a new puppy. From the first time I saw her, I already know that she’s a mischievous one and has a good head on her shoulders. Lani, my other dog, is not used to her yet, and growls evertime the new one gets close to her.

I’m thinking that Lady (yeah, that’s her name now) is deliberately trying to piss Lani off. Everytime I try to call Lani and comes to me, Lady goes for her, and Lani runs away from her. It’s cute really, and I keep telling Lani that Lady will keep doing that if she doesn’t stop being grouchy.

Lady has those puppy dog eyes, so even though she’s a mischief, you can’t help but say, “Awww.” She has a cute way of running a circle around me when I go outside to see her. Breed? I don’t know really, she’s a mutt.

She actually reminded me of my dog back home, who has passed away a few years ago. Lucien’s also starting to get close to her, too, so I hope that Lady will fill Lucky’s (Lucien’s dog that passed away a few years ago as well) shoes.

I’ll see if I can post some pictures soon.

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