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Events and Movies

Last week was interesting (my last week pertains to Wed-Fri, hee).

After work on Tuesday night, I went to get Lucien from work for an hour “lunch”. After that, we came back and Lucien mentioned that they were getting a shipment of live horses going to the Philippines. He asked if I wanted to stay and see the horses off, and of course, I said yes. It wasn’t long and the horse exporters came in. I learned that the horses were going to have someone escort them to Manila.

I went to meet them, and I met Connie, the escort. She hasn’t been to the Philippines at all, so she started asking me what to expect from there. I told her some tidbits and things that she might like to do, or food she might like to eat. After conversing with her for so long, it’s so cool to know I’ve found a new friend. Lucien and I stayed with her as long as we could, but it was nearing 7am (Lucien was off the clock already and I was getting tired), so we left. I hope she had a good time.

Wednesday and Thursday were a little blurry because I don’t remember too much from these days. We did sort a few things around the house, but that’s all I can remember.

Friday, Luci and I went to do the early voting thing (my first time ever to vote for this country), and we went to see the movies:

– A Lot Like Love
– Kung Fu Hustle
– The Pacifier
– Miss Congeniality 2
– The Interpreter

They were all good, but I can’t see anything as saying which was my favorite of this bunch. I can’t believe we watched all of these movies in a row. Well, we rarely get to watch movies often, so we try to watch what we can. I’m surprised, though, that I didn’t get a headache (which I usually get when watching at least 4 movies in a row), but it was all good.

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