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Gadget Girl Strikes Again

I bought a new camera today: Sony DSC-T1. It’s cute and compact. I went to get the open-box they had in stock which was a lot cheaper than the standard closed one, but the sales guy warned us that the parts might not be all there. I said I didn’t care, it’s a way to save up money, right? Wrong.

I went and checked and I was missing the AC Adapter which was the most important thing in the box besides the camera. So, now I bought a new one (actually, just a battery charger, but it’s close) and it was like I paid for the whole package anyway. Oh well, I never win.

On the lighter side of it, I’m happy to get a new toy. I love new toys. Hehehe. They even call me the ‘Gadget Girl’ either from my co-workers or my family. Come to think of it, I haven’t bought a new gadget in a while. It must have been a year or a year and a half since I have indulged in a new anything. Lately, Luci and I have been blessed with getting caught up with our finances (which I thank God everyday) that it’s nice to treat ourselves once in a while.

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