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Day 2 – Philippine Trip

Hi, gang! As you know, I just arrived in the Philippines. Locally it’s May 11th, 11:31 AM instead of the time that’s on here.

Luci and I left for NY on Saturday to be able to catch a plane to Taipei from there. You may think that’s a little far to be taking a plane since its route goes from east to west (Anchorage, Alaska) and then further west towards Taiwan. Well, we learned earlier in the week that the flights going out from LA, San Francisco, and Houston were booked due to a holiday in Taipei. There were less people coming from NY so that’s what we took.

When we were checking in for our flight to NY, we learned that flights going to Taipei didn’t leave until Sunday! *groan* Fortunately, I called around and got a hold of my great-aunt Nati and great-uncle Mariano. They took us in for the night, bless their hearts, amidst their packing as they were moving to Indiana with their son and his family close to Memorial Day. God was certainly good to us!

We attended church that following day (Sunday) and later on went to Burger King to eat a late lunch. Lola Nati reasoned that since it was Mother’s Day, all the restaurants would be crowded. Burger King was almost deserted. :P After that, they dropped us off at the airport and we were on our way.

We had to check in to China Airlines to catch the flight going to Taipei, but we were told that they couldn’t find our reservations! Good thing, though, that Lucien is a China Airlines employee and we were accommodated to go in the flight. All we had to pay was the taxes.

So, after a few hours, we were on our way. Our first stop was Anchorage, Alaska where they did a crew change and re-fuel. It took us about 6 hours to get from NY to Anchorage. It’s so funny how people like to be first in the line to get on the plane, but they are told later that other people have to go in before them, hehehe. Anyways, we left Anchorage an hour later.

Our 10-hour trip to Taipei went without a hitch, but the flight to Manila was cutting our time a little close. Our arrival time was 7:05 AM and our flight to Manila was 7:55 AM. What was worse was that we haven’t gotten our boarding passes to the flight yet, AND the economy seats were fully booked, AND we still had to get our boxes (they weren’t going on to Manila as we had to check-in again). God again intervened (He’s so good!). :) The person on the ticket counter offered us business class seats but we had to pay for the upgrade. We were up for anything so we agreed. Another blessing was that they got our boxes for us and was put in the plane. Also, since we were running out of time (it was almost 7:40), the guy from the counter called ahead and said that we were coming. When we got to the boarding gate, we were fortunate enough to find that there were still a lot of people boarding. Since we were in business class now, we were able to go ahead of them, whee!

So, after 2 hours, we arrived in the Philippines at 10:10 AM. My brother mentioned before that he was going to meet me in the baggage claim area, but when we got there I couldn’t find him. So we went ahead and got into customs. The customs agent was nice enough not to check our boxes (we only had mostly clothes in there anyway), and we were on our way outside. I was a little worried because we didn’t see my brother’s van yet, but as soon as I looked for a place to get a phone card, there they were, pulling up on the side. My eldest sister and her husband were there with my brother. It has been so long since I’ve seen them that I almost cried from happiness there on the spot. We went to meet the others later on for dinner and gave them their gifts. It was fun seeing them all again.

And that was my adventure so far. :) I’ll try to write more later…this one is getting too long. :)

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