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Day 5 – Philippine Trip

I don’t have enough time in the Internet cafe today so I’ll try to make this short.

I had a facial the day before yesterday. My first time. Facial establishments seem to be popular here as they can be seen everywhere. It was a very interesting, somewhat painful experience, but then I had fun because Luci had one too, as well as my sister.

People here, though they know how to speak English, have a hard time understanding us. For example, when I asked the front desk of the hotel if I had any messages, the front desk said something about check-out time. Wha? And one time when Luci asked if they did any laundry service, the guy said that the restaurant was open at such and such time. Eh? It’s totally hilarious. I keep telling Luci to speak slower so they can understand his words more, but it seems to be of no avail. Ah well.

Coffee shops are in abundance here, too. Everywhere you turn, you see one. It’s just weird to me why people like to drink hot coffee when it’s almost 100 degrees outside. It boggles the mind. Speaking of temperature, you rarely see anyone not wear jeans and a shirt. Some of them even wear long sleeves, and it’s scorching! Just looking at them made me sweat, hehehe.

Pollution is bad here, too. When Luci and I checked out the rooftop swimming pool, the skyline was engulfed in hazy gray. It would be advisable to bring a face towel with you if you are riding out in the open air. Actually, bring a face towel anywhere.

Cash is more often the preferred way of payment. You can see some places that accept credit cards, but be ready to pay cash mostly. And when you buy something from the malls, they will put it in a bag and meticulously staple the receipt on the bag.

There are lots of security, too. Almost every establishment you go, you’ll see a uniformed man/woman screening each person and if you have a bag, they have to look into it. Good thing, the security check is quick, though.

Well, gotta run. Today should be the start of our busy 2 weeks as we make preparations for my grandparents’ anniversary. You probably won’t hear for me too much from now on. I’ll try to keep y’all updated, though! :)

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