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Miracles on the Road

Pictures from trip to Carlsbad:

We had a very mysterious thing that happened to us on our way to Carlsbad. One of God’s miracles? However you think of it, it really was unusual and creepy. So we were following our car’s GPS navigation to our destination and we took this little highway north towards the border of New Mexico from Texas, and we were running on a little under a quarter of the gas tank. We figured we’d run into a gas station on the way, but for about 50 miles or so, no gas station or a store in sight. We saw a little town, but we didn’t see anything but little buildings and everything was dark. So we just kept going.

After a while, the GPS told us to turn left, and we did see a sign that said “Gas” this way about 16 miles. By this time, we were already down to no bars on the gas tank light. We were running on faith that it will keep us going till we get to the gas station. Alas, after all the praying and cajoling the car to keep going, we slowed down to a stop. It was already around midnight and there were hardly anything around except a few houses.

So, hubby started preparing to go out and walk back where we came from and hope to find a gas station, when this 18-wheeler truck arrived in front of us. Hubby asked where the nearest gas station was, and the truck driver said there’s a gas station 16 miles to where we were going but the closest one was 6 miles behind us (we could’ve kept on going forward instead of left). So the driver offered to take hubby to the gas station while daughter and I stayed by the car.

What was eerie at this point was that no one else drove by. So was it God-send that this truck driver came at the right time?

Hubby came back with the truck driver and had enough gas to take us back to the gas station 6 miles away. The driver even helped fill up the gas tank with what we had. Hubby told him he didn’t need to drive him back but the driver just shrugged his shoulders. We were so grateful.

And so, our “adventure” came to an end, and we were able to go our way.

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