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ROFL. An old post from my old blog back in 2003.

I was looking through my old posts in LJ looking for some book review I did way back then and I saw this. This is soooo funny to read. Also annoying. :P Posted on Nov. 5th, 2003 at 01:45 am

Okay, just because I was bored, and decided to look into a chat room, this guy comes along and ruins my day: 

NineDayys [1:25 AM]: single?
Leiza [1:25 AM]: no i’m married :) 
NineDayys [1:25 AM]: kids?
Leiza [1:25 AM]: none yet 
NineDayys [1:25 AM]: open-minded?
Leiza [1:25 AM]: like how? 
NineDayys [1:25 AM]: casual dating and being discreet about it?
Leiza [1:25 AM]: nah 
Leiza [1:26 AM]: i’m faithful 
NineDayys [1:26 AM]: we all say that
Leiza [1:26 AM]: and i mean it 
NineDayys [1:26 AM]: are u pinay?
Leiza [1:26 AM]: yep 
NineDayys [1:26 AM]: where were you born?
Leiza [1:26 AM]: philippines 
NineDayys [1:27 AM]: okay so how long have u been living here?
Leiza [1:27 AM]: about 7 years 
NineDayys [1:27 AM]: tell me ur married to a white guy, right?
Leiza [1:27 AM]: correct 
NineDayys [1:28 AM]: okay, i’m a guy, and i know what guys do whether they be faithful or not.
Leiza [1:28 AM]: and what is that 
NineDayys [1:28 AM]: oh c’mon dont be so naive
Leiza [1:28 AM]: sorry i guess i am..indulge me 
NineDayys [1:29 AM]: i dont want to go through every single details but having casual sex is the nature of men
Leiza [1:32 AM]: i guess so, but not all men are unfaithful 
Leiza [1:33 AM]: they are only unfaithful because they are not satisfied in bed with their wives..and i do that perfectly for my husband..he has no complaints 
NineDayys [1:33 AM]: we all say that but dont be so naive
Leiza [1:33 AM]: i’m not 
Leiza [1:33 AM]: and you’re just being an ass 
NineDayys [1:34 AM]: look, i’m not disagreeing with you but i’m a man and i know what men do
Leiza [1:34 AM]: i think you’re more naive than you pose to bee 
Leiza [1:34 AM]: yeah, then you haven’t met my man yet 
NineDayys [1:34 AM]: well ur either stupid or just fresh from the boat
NineDayys [1:34 AM]: no offense
Leiza [1:34 AM]: i’m not stupid..i’m just very lucky 
NineDayys [1:34 AM]: lucky to be thinking that way maybe…
Leiza [1:35 AM]: and i guess you just haven’t found the right girl to be faithful with 
Leiza [1:35 AM]: no ..not’s a FACT 
NineDayys [1:35 AM]: i’ve been there…done it all
Leiza [1:35 AM]: not really, cuz you haven’t found the right one 
NineDayys [1:35 AM]: for u to say that ur man is faithful i think is a joke
Leiza [1:35 AM]: don’t put others down just cuz you haven’t found the right booty 
Leiza [1:35 AM]: then I’m sorry for you because of your cynicism 
NineDayys [1:36 AM]: i’m not putting you down or anything like that
Leiza [1:36 AM]: i just hope you do find the right girl…but you know what..I hope not 
NineDayys [1:36 AM]: why do you think foreigners go to the Phils?
Leiza [1:36 AM]: well it seems like you don’t even try defending yourself 
NineDayys [1:36 AM]: answer me
Leiza [1:36 AM]: he never went to the Philippines 
NineDayys [1:37 AM]: i bet…
Leiza [1:37 AM]: it’s the truth 
Leiza [1:37 AM]: we met here in the US 
NineDayys [1:37 AM]: denial maybe but not the truth…
Leiza [1:37 AM]: why do you think all Pinays are mail-order brides 
Leiza [1:37 AM]: denial maybe for you but not for me 
Leiza [1:37 AM]: you stereotype Pinays like they are the sluts of the earth..don’t even try that with me 
NineDayys [1:38 AM]: lol, ur totally out of context now
Leiza [1:38 AM]: whatever 
Leiza [1:38 AM]: that’s what you’ve been thinking all along 
NineDayys [1:39 AM]: newsflash for you: sex is natural for men whether they be faithful or not
NineDayys [1:39 AM]: okay, so dont give me that crap bout ur man being honest and faithful
Leiza [1:39 AM]: lol..of course, sex is natural for is for women too…and it doesn’t mean they have to be unfaithful 
Leiza [1:39 AM]: well he is 
NineDayys [1:40 AM]: u still dont get it at all
NineDayys [1:40 AM]: gosh how could u be so naive
Leiza [1:40 AM]: oh i get it all right…it’s YOU who doesn’t get it. you have cynicism in your heart and you think all men are pigs..well they’re not 
Leiza [1:41 AM]: i think you are the naive one 
NineDayys [1:41 AM]: look, i have nothing against you personally, but i guess you have to defend ur man in order to be with him otherwise u wont be able to stay here in america
Leiza [1:41 AM]: hahahaha 
Leiza [1:41 AM]: how funny 
NineDayys [1:41 AM]: is that why?
Leiza [1:41 AM]: nope 
Leiza [1:42 AM]: i arrived in the US legitimately..and with no help from my husband 
NineDayys [1:42 AM]: are u one of those mail order bribes who married an aging foreigner in order to get a green card?
Leiza [1:42 AM]: lol not even close 
Leiza [1:42 AM]: see? i told you you stereotype Pinays 
NineDayys [1:42 AM]: i think ur one of them
Leiza [1:42 AM]: well you’re wrong and i don’t have to justify myself to you 
NineDayys [1:43 AM]: otherwise u wouldn’t be online looking for a real ‘man”
Leiza [1:43 AM]: who said i was looking for a real man? what a joke 
NineDayys [1:43 AM]: if you had a man u wouldn’t be online honey…
Leiza [1:43 AM]: i think you’re the one looking for a “real woman” 
Leiza [1:43 AM]: can’t i just be online and just be that? i’m not looking for a man..sorry 
NineDayys [1:43 AM]: maybe but it’s okay for men
Leiza [1:43 AM]: whatever 
Leiza [1:44 AM]: you’re just wasting my time…thank you for the chat, but i have no time for you 
NineDayys [1:44 AM]: u find ur life so miserable and how do u ventilate? By going online of course…
NineDayys [1:44 AM]: dont u think i know that?
NineDayys [1:44 AM]: good luck

I think he’s just lonely. Boohoo! I pity him, really.