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Kicking Me Tells Me You’re Alive

I had discovered last weekend (1/14) that my baby started to kick. It felt like I was having indigestion but then, I got another kick and another kick. So I know it wasn’t just the figment of my imagination. Last night, it was doing a lot of moving around in the tummy. Luci was ecstatic when he felt the movements. :) It’s weird having something move around in there, but it also a relief because I know my baby is alive. And yeah, kicking. :P

Luci and I have talked about minimizing our expletive outbursts, so we decided to fine each other a dollar for each curse word we utter. So far, Luci owes me only a dollar so I think it’s working. The reason we started doing this was because Luci accidentally made an outburst a few times when we were with someone that didn’t need to hear it. It’s time to have a little more restraint, especially if we’re going to teach our child the good values of life.

Luci surprised me last week in purchasing an electric guitar from a thrift store. Though secondhand, it still looks as if it was bought brand new. The brand name is Washburn and it’s a little complicated to tune and restring because you have to loosen some clamps in order to do so. I didn’t know I had to loosen the clamps to tune the guitar until it was too late: I broke one of the strings, argh! Ah well, good thing guitar strings aren’t hard to come by. The sound is glorious from the 5 minutes I was able to play it.

That’s it for now. More later.

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Composing Music

Ever had dreams where you’re composing music in your sleep? I did. I was composing two songs for a few friends that became a popular group. I think I eventually became their manager or something.

Anyway, one of the songs was called “Ako ay ako”, which in English means, “I Am Me”. LOL, go figure. :)