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GA (Gameaholics Anonymous)

Hello. My name is Leiza, and I’m a Gameaholic.

Yep, I’m caught again. I found a new p2p (pay-to-play) game, and so far I am addicted to it. It has a twist of Final Fantasy, a dash of Pokémon (it has pets), and a midgen of a turn-based RPG.

That’s why no updates lately, either on the blog or sites I maintain. I might not be updating as often as I should in the days to come. Don’t worry, I’m sure to check stuff once in a while. :)

Have you guys heard of the sentai series, Bioman? It’s one of the earliest sentai even before Power Rangers ever started. I remember watching it while I was growing up, and I thought that this was the best series compared to all that I watched. Maybe I’m just biased, hehe. I even used to remember their moves and stuff. The link I put up on the Bioman series is a fan site dedicated to it. It’s very precise and information is interesting. Anyways, the reason I mentioned it was because I put up an order for the episodes. Teehee. Something to relive me of the past, I guess, or just that I want to watch it again.

In other news, Lucien applied for me to go with him to Taipei for approval. We got the approval the day before yesterday, so I’m excited. It’s a sign that we are actually going! Yay! Now, to make sure I don’t get sick from now and then.

Back to the game now.

4 thoughts on “GA (Gameaholics Anonymous)”

  1. DUDE BIOMAN ROCKS! hmmm… have you seen other sentais? it’s so funny how th power rangers (the u.s.) messed it up. like the americans, all they do is just voice dubb, replace characters with americans, and those damn american actors get all the credit. i mean what about the (american) stuntmen, the japanese stuntmen, basically the whole japanese sentai series. i mean talk about raping. sheesh.

    am i making sense? i mean dude. sentai’s are so awesome and these people tarnish it.

    p.s. TRINI IS HOTTT. r.i.p. my yellow (HAH! get it? yellow?) powahrangah -sniff-

    p.s.s. PLUSSS the sentai they got the original power rangers the yellow ranger was a boy. i mean sheesh. have you noticed? we were like why does kimberly wear a skirt in her ranger uniform and not trini?

    p.s.s.s. SHAIDER WAS ALSO AWESOME. AND MASK RIDER, the american version was also messed up. but many girls loved the actor. muwaha.

    1. Shaider was great. I didn’t remember too much of it, but since it was showing almost the same time as Bioman, I watched it as well.

      Yeah, I just wish that they didn’t botch it up too much in American dub. At least, the Power Rangers Ninja Storm looks good enough for now. I believe they based it on the Hurricane-something. I’ll have to look it up again. :)

  2. Yes, I’m next up to the Podium; have had some major d.t.’s over not being able to play this last little while. Today I went nuts on Mickey’s Adventure though. Hee hee!

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