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phone calls

I work at the second floor of my building, where it’s only for I/S people and the servers for the whole hospital. That’s why we have to have badge access on our floor for security reasons.

For visitors, to access our floor they have to pick up the phone next to the elevator. The phone automatically dials up to where my workstation is at. You couldn’t use the phone to dial anywhere else.

Today, someone tried to use the phone at the first floor, and couldn’t figure out that it dials up to my floor automatically. He/she tried about 5 times before he/she finally got the idea. I kept saying, “Operations. Leiza.” everytime he/she tried to call out. It was funny because they kept hanging up the phone after I answer. Think, people! :P

-sigh- Unfortunately, this happens all the time. I’m going to have to put a sign on the phone soon if it keeps up like this.

1 thought on “phone calls”

  1. Oh Leiza, try working in the phone industry like I do. It is insane and customers are frequently so pricelessly lost it is hard not to fall out of my chair laughing. (Don’t get me wrong, I love the customers – but they are hilarious).

    As for the dude who kept hearing you say “Operations, Leiza”, I suspect it might be possible he or she thought the phone lines were crossed but given that you continually answered in the same fashion, you’d think this person would clue into the fact that it is programmed without line access and to intercom you.

    In case this person was thinking the system had an erroneous program coded into it to cause the phone he or she was using to keep calling you, you would still think he or she would clue in to at least talking to you.

    Ha ha ha!

    Do you ever get tempted to disguise your voice and just say “Pizza Hut!” after about the fourth dilton call?

    Ha ha ha!

    Phones and the problems they cause.

    Ha ha ha!

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