Blah, Family, Me


bah, i’ve been broke since last week. i have no money, and if there ever was, it’s because i’m stealing from my measly savings. ever since i got back from vacation, i’ve been bombarded with bills and other stuff.

one thing of being Filipino is that you have family you support back home, and one of the things i do is support some of my nephews’ and nieces’ tuition fees at school. call me stingy, but it’s always at the wrong time my sisters’ ask me for money. -sigh- they’re going to have to wait. i don’t get paid until next week, and i don’t know how much i can give them from that.

i know it’s hard to live in a country that you can hardly have freedom to move, but it’s also hard to support yourself and trying to balance your life and theirs. if i were a millionaire then maybe it would be easier, but i’m not. even my other sister who lives here is helping out, but i’m sure she’s having the same problems that i have.

nonetheless, we gotta do what we gotta do. i just wish i had more money.

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