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I’m Portable Now

Gawd, we officially now have a portable phone at work. So wherever I go, the other building, the hospital, the bathroom, I have to bring it with me. I guess it’s all good cuz I can be reached anywhere this time. -sigh-

The weekend has been quiet. I’ve been playing that new game FairyLand (FL) and it’s got me hooked. I’ve also been watching movies that my sister gave me. They’re in VHS format, and she didn’t need them anymore since they are starting to collect DVDs.

I have finished filling up my application form for my Citizenship, but I am still lacking information before I can send them off. My husband had a first marriage and I have to get the dates of his previous marriage and their divorce. The only thing I need is the divorce date, but Lucien can’t for the life of him remember. Bah. We had to email his ex-wife for it. We’re still waiting for her response. My sister already sent in her application. She’s worried we might not get to do the oath together.

That’s it for now. Toodles.

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