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Something about the sermon made me fall asleep…

Bored. That’s why I’m staying away from online MMORPG’s for a while. I don’t know. I think I may be losing my touch. And then one of my co-workers is trying to convince me to sign up for EverQuest 2. *sigh* I can’t escape.

Finally went to a church just across the street from the house last Sunday. Yay! It was a good enough church…had a lot of Praise and Worship that I like. It was also nice to have Lucien with me.

Still, it didn’t seem enough for me. I mean I almost fell asleep on the sermon, which is not a good thing. I need a speaker that can really get my attention, though this pastor did have a good message to share. He did a lot of going around on the point of the message, though. It’s like watching a movie and keeps you in suspense of it all. I almost shouted to him, “Get to the point!” Oh dear, am I that impatient nowadays?

Other than that, I liked the contemporariness of the whole service. Maybe I will go back again next Sunday and see what the Lord says.

Once again, I’m feeling a little restless. I have no clue why. I’m like a fidgety flea on my dog’s coat.

4 thoughts on “Something about the sermon made me fall asleep…”

      1. HOW CUTE!
        I have a mixed Pom-Spitz back home but he’s more on the Pom side and his coat is so nice! Nakuha niya ang Pom coat… very thick and shiny! I also shave him when summer comes, and he loves to take baths!He’s so hyper though, his name is Jordan Shadow.

        I love dogs, but I still can’t afford it and no space really. :(

        I have another dog back home her name is Micaela and she’s a Yorkshire Terrier-Toy Poodle mix! She’s my baby, and she sleeps with me! I miss her so much! :( Very smart dog…

      2. I love fuzzy animals. Dati I used to have 6 cats. :)

        I had two Poms actually, but the other one, Kanè (means lalaki in Hawaiian), got sick and died.

        I also used to have a Chow-Sharpei mix. Unfortunately, Ewok (his name) died of food poisoning. He loves going outside, and I think he ate something. :(

        I also had a Sharpei-Cocker Spaniel mix called Midnight cuz she had a black coat, but she was too hyper, and we couldn’t take care of her at the time. We had to give her to SPCA. :( I hope she found a good home.

        I miss my old pets. :(

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