Family, Work Drama


Bleh, my friend J wanted me to blog so here I go…

I’m losing two of my days off for two weeks, because one of my co-workers’ dad has died and they are making preparations for the memorial service and stuff and I’m filling in for one of the days he’s supposed to come in. I know how it is to lose a loved one. *sigh*

Yesterday, Lucien and I saw that hand doctor he was supposed to see. He said that the hand was looking good and that there was nothing else that he needed to fix on it, but just let it heal and probably when Lucien gets those pins out, he might have a skin graft on the worst part of the finger. So, we see Lucien’s regular doctor next week.

Lucien was mad at his W/C insurance, because they rejected a deposit of a check that they sent. We were like, wth, and Lucien talked to the claim adjuster the next day. We found out that it was a miscommunication on the insurance company’s part, because before that, Lucien called them that there were a few corrections on the address information, but the check was correct. So, the insurance company thought that everything was incorrect, including the check, so they stopped payment on it. Morons.

Talked to my eldest sister the other day and told her what happened Thanksgiving. She said that it has happened in the past and that it shouldn’t let it affect me. “Just let it go.” Yeah, yeah, I’m trying.

Tomorrow, I’m going to my company’s holiday party. This will be the first time I get to go. It will be fun seeing some co-workers I haven’t seen other than hear their voices on the phone. Among other things, haha. :)

I guess that’s it for now. Hope J’s satisfied now. Bleh.

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