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How can things go wrong in just three days? Yeah, things have happened at work while I was off. Why can’t they (she) get it right? Because she never listens. *sigh*

Things have been hectic the last few days. On Wednesday, we helped someone out by moving stuff and driving around Dallas. After that, he/she gave us some dinner. Yay. We also got our new cellular phones under Cingular, which was good. Lucien was tired of Virgin Mobile. We were able to keep our phone numbers, too, so double yay.

Thursday, we went to get a present for my sister, and then went out to eat. We had fun hanging out. Lucien took some pictures on his new phone, and J fiddled around with my phone. Mom, sis and I talked about our trip in May and made some other tour preparations. Mom also talked about the recipe our family was compiling. It’s just sad it had to end so soon.

Friday, Lucien went to the farm to hang out with his friend. The thing was, I thought that he went home early and say that his friend wasn’t at the farm at all. Well, I thought it was real when, in fact, it was all a dream. Lucien came home after therapy (he went straight there from the farm), and we took a nap. After that, we went to a friends’ house to have dinner and check out their new house. Everything was cool, until, sadly, we had to go.

That’s all I can say. I’m tired.

2 thoughts on “Happenings”

  1. In a working environment, things can go horribly wrong in a matter of minutes. Just be glad that you weren’t present for those minutes. This way, sure you have to fix it, but you were not blamed. Silver linings abound.

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