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I’m Here

I don’t know why I’m slacking on writing here. Sorry, folks. I just don’t have anything to say. Well, maybe a few. I do miss this, though. I just wish I had more enthusiasm on doing this.

As far as my diet program is doing, it’s doing well. I have lost another 1.2 pounds since my last weighing last Thursday. Slowly, but surely. It’s so fulfilling seeing those numbers go down.

My brother found a different adoption lawyer, but this dude is cheaper and as efficient as the other one. We are still in the process of getting the papers together. A home study, we were told, will take 3 months to complete. Ewww. I also need a Certificate of Good Moral Character for Lucien and I. Maybe my mom can help me out on that.

Works been good. No complaints. And nothing to tell,’s pretty much the same thing.

The weather is getting the best of me. I’m looking forward to the fall and winter. Hopefully, we’ll have snow this year.

I wish I can travel. Or even go with Lucien to Taiwan this September. I just feel like going to other places instead of here. It’s been a bit monotonous lately.

I guess that’s it. If you think I should say something else, ask me a question and I will post an long winding answer. :P

6 thoughts on “I’m Here”

    1. My brother said it might be a government official, a community leader, or the minister of my church. Basically, it’s just to say that Luci and I are able to adopt.

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