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Things (Updates)

– Visited the doc 2 weeks ago and we listened to the baby’s heartbeat again. So precious. She mentioned that I have a larger uterus at my stage. Hm, twins? (The first ultrasound only showed one ‘blob’.) When I thought I was 13 weeks, the doc told me that I was 14 weeks minus a day. I see her again next week, with another ultrasound. Maybe then we can tell what the gender is.
– I lost a little weight. I just noticed I lost more weight than when I was in that diet program (they put me on hold due to the pregnancy). How ironic. I’ve been eating less also, but I eat more frequently than I usually do. More like snacking.
– I twisted my ankle Friday 2 weeks ago. I think I sprained some ligaments more than my ankle itself. I was in for 2 days to reduce the swelling and pain. It’s still sore now (the bruise had spread below my toes, which is weird).
– Thanksgiving was good. Luci cooked the turkey. It was so tender, it came falling apart in our hands when we tried to transfer it from the pan to the plate. I made some fruit salad and corn pudding (the pudding tasted like bibingka).
– I decided to do Christmas shopping earlier than usual. It turned out pretty good. There’s still Lucien’s present and another one for Mom that I need to get.

That’s it for now. Have a good one!

9 thoughts on “Things (Updates)”

  1. Hi sis (tis hazelasher).

    Twins, huuuuh? OMG, that would be fabulous! So happy for ya! And it’s good to hear that you had a lovely Thanksgiving. :)

    1. Hi, sis. Long time no see. ;) Yeah, it’s kinda scary tho, but Luci is so excited about it, LOL.

      New username, huh? What happened to hazelasher?

      1. Decided it was time for a change. :) Good to hear that you’re doing well.

        Have you seen Nexus lately? Like um…Baram-graphic status.

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