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Baby’s Here!

Last Sunday (5/7/06), my water broke early in the morning around 2:21am. I thought I was going to pee, which I did, but when I got up from the toilet, there was a sudden gush of water that came out. I called Lucien and told him – he just went to work around 2am. I called my doctor also and she instructed me to go to the hospital. So I waited for Lucien to come pick me up while I gathered some stuff to bring with me.

I was in labor for 15 and a half hours. I went to the hospital around 3am. Since my water broke first, they had to induce my contractions. Around 8am, the contractions got a little intense, so they called in the anaesthesiologist to start my epidural. I had to lean forward for the epidural, and I leaned onto Lucien, but after a few minutes, he said he’s feeling a head rush and started backing off. He passed out right after that – slumped over and sank to the floor. Good thing that the nurse was right beside him and was able to support me because I was still leaning forward and I could’ve fallen after Lucien. After the epidural, everything went smoothly. It’s amazing how they said I was having a major contraction, worse than the last 3 ones I experienced before the epidural, and I couldn’t feel a thing.

Around 6:15 pm, it was time to push. It didn’t take that long, maybe it took about 12 pushes and the nurse made me stop pushing because the baby’s head was about to come out and the doctor had to be there to finish the process. I tried to relax but the baby was doing the pushing at this time. I told the nurse that the doctor better come quick because the baby isn’t going to wait that much longer. :) And around 6:35pm, little Dani came into the world. The doctor did get there in time for that, hehe.

Here are her statistics:

Name: Leiza Danielle
Born: May 7th, 2006, 6:35pm
Weight: 6 lbs 4.8 oz
Height: 18.5 inches long

The first few days with the baby is challenging. I probably haven’t slept a good solid 6 to 8 hours for 3 days now. It’s okay, since I’m so used to being awake due to insomnia. Lucien is the same, though he seems to sleep a little more than I am. :P

As for Dani, she’s doing alright. Her lungs are really good, especially when she’s irritated. :) One concern, though, is that she has high bilirubin levels (jaundice – yellowish skin) according to the pediatrician, though it’s typically normal for newborns. Please keep her in your prayers that her liver will start functioning so that her jaundice will go away. And also because I hate seeing them prick her foot for blood tests. :(

That’s all for now.

4 thoughts on “Baby’s Here!”

  1. wooooooo Baby Dani!
    Poor Lucien… hope he is ok, good luck with adjusting. I have a feeling that you guys will have it all down in no time :) hugssssssssssssss

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