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Dani’s 1-Week Update

I must say this week, though tiring, has its rewards. Just watching Dani sleep, cry, open her eyes, snuggle closer to you, and even the tiniest grimace brings me joy. It’s true what the song says, she is the sunshine of our lives.

Both Luci and I are in awe. Of course, he spoils her more than I do,


even though he likes to annoy her sometimes.


He’s trying to make the most of it right now, since he’ll be back to work in a week’s time. He’s very helpful, too, since he helps change diapers (Dani doesn’t like being changed as you can see below),


and burps her after feeding (for some reason, Dani prefers Daddy to do the burping). I mostly do the feeding now and it’s also helping me catch up on some sleep.

The first 3 days we had to take Dani to the pediatrician to have her bilirubin levels checked. They were high, as I said before, and on the 2nd day, the doctor ordered to get her photo-therapy.


This is Dani, on her photo-therapy bed. At this time, we were a little worried about finances because we had just paid the mortgage and only had a small amount left in the bank until next pay day. I’m just glad I have good health insurance.

I was also having certain bouts of fever here and there for the first few days. I think it’s either my stitches or trying to get used to expressing milk. I was worried about engorgement too, but thank God that that’s over. It was only this Friday that I was able to get out without feeling weak and nauseated. On Saturday, I was even able to go out to see Luci’s mom and show off the baby.

Sunday. My first Mother’s Day. It’s a little weird, because I figured I’d feel something different on that day other than it being any other day. Ah well. It was also the first time the other parts of the family met Dani for the first time so that was nice.

That’s about it for now. I know this entry is a little bit scattered at the end. Too tired, I guess. Ta.

2 thoughts on “Dani’s 1-Week Update”

    1. Oh Leiza, those pics are so darn cute! I sure hope the therapy workds quick for Danielle!
      Can’t imagine what a change this must be in your lives but I can certainly understand the happiness you feel when looking at her. I hope you feel better soon too! BIG hugsssssss

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