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Dani Updates

So far, so good. After 7 days of photo therapy, the pediatrician said that Dani’s bilirubin levels has gone down. Yay! They finally took away the photo-therapy bed and Dani’s complexion is looking good as you can see below.


She’s been sleeping good, too.


I really love that picture. :)

Dani also had her 2-week check-up with a new pediatrician that one of my OB-GYN’s nurses recommended. The doc is very good, and even Luci’s cynical side was impressed with her. She mentioned that we are doing good so far as when her feeding is done, diaper changes, tummy time, sleeping hours, etc. Dani had her second PKU done to check for any diseases during the visit.

As for me, I’ve been doing and feeling better and better. No more fevers, no more pain on my stitches, and I’ve been sleeping good. No complaints whatsoever. Luci’s going back to work this Wednesday, and I’m going to be on my own – well, for a few hours anyway. I just hope I’ll be able to cope without Luci’s help, which I’m sure I will. It’s just a matter of getting used to it, I guess.

Anyways, here’s a little video clip of Dani. She was hiccuping and there’s one part where we thought she was going to sneeze. It’s a little dim, though – not enough light.

4 thoughts on “Dani Updates”

  1. Cute girl :-)

    Oh, Dani is so sweet, thanks for posting the video! :-)
    She is very good to see on it so don’t worry about that. And I’m very happy that she is all right now!


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