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Some More Work Drama

So, we had our first meeting of many meetings of how we can help improve what we do, etc. at work. I really don’t like meetings, but for me, I think this is like more of a social meeting. I don’t know why I think that, but it does help take out the “ugh, another meeting?!” feeling.

The team leader was asking what could be done to improve the SD/OPS team, so I suggested that B get a different phone JUST IN CASE, and I say JUST IN CASE for getting into SD calls. B butted in before I could finish not to involve her in any of that. What?! I understand that she does not like doing SD, but it’s not like we have to do it everyday. We are in AS NEEDED basis as far as SD calls are concerned and I just wanted to make things easier for us in the long run.

It totally pissed me off that she’s still acting like that when the rest of us are already doing it. She will eventually need to step up her game or “else”, at least from what I heard. It’s totally unfair that she’s the only one not even trying to learn or even helping out. There’s nothing in the world we can change unless our managers/directors change it. We are the underdogs and we really don’t have the power to change things. And with this new management, even if we voice our opinions, we still HAVE to do what they ask (tell) us to do.

Anyway, I’m totally expecting her to go off on me after other people are gone, but I won’t have none of that. I’m getting tired of her complaining she doesn’t want to do this and that. It’s like a broken record. A BROKEN RECORD SINCE NOVEMBER. She’s done the same kind of complaining before: when they moved us inside the Computer Room (or Data Center) and suffer the cold; when we moved to a totally different city location; when we moved to a different cubicle, and it goes on. She’s not a “Who Moved My Cheese?” kind of person. And this person has two degrees, I think even a Master’s degree (incredible, right.), and was a professor in DeVry University (glad I wasn’t there when she was). And, I don’t mean to boast, I am probably better skill-wise on this kind of job than her.

I should stop talking about her. I’m just so frustrated. I wish she would just accept what’s being handed to her and do her job. If she does quit or worse comes to shove, be fired, she won’t get paid the same amount of money she’s getting paid now. In my opinion, given the non-cooperativeness she’s doing right now, I think it will be better if she just quit. Because it’s giving me a headache. Even others around us are also feeling the strain of her complaints. I wouldn’t blame them.

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Counting The Days

So. Went to the doc again today. I tell you, it’s better to be late than on time because we never see the doctor on the time we have our appointment. I had to wait 2 hours before I saw her. But at least she is very nice and that Luci kept me company.

So. 36 weeks. Into the final stretch. Doc talked to me about my preferences about the birth (do I want epidural, want the hubby to cut the cord, etcetera, etcetera). She instructed on when I’m supposed to call when my contractions are into 5-7 minutes apart, or when my water broke, or whatever.

So. I thought about inducing. I actually mentioned it to her, and it’s because I didn’t want the baby to “wait” until June (certainly don’t want her birthdate to fall on 6/6/06 – eek), and I think 5/25 is a good birthday, right? We’ll see. I still have some time to think about it.

Oh yeah. Did I tell you that when Luci and I visited his mom last week and predicted my baby’s due date? She wanted to feel my belly so she could tell when. So. I let her do that and she said last week of July at least. I was horrified. I didn’t want to wait that long! I was ready to jump at her for telling me that, lol. I told her politely (though I wanted to scream, haha) that the baby’s due date is sooner than that. Anyways, it was funny.

So. I see the doc now every week. Also going to have another sonogram/ultrasound done. Exciting and nerve-wracking.

Counting the days. I have 12 more days to work also. Counting the days.

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The Things People Do To Gain Attention

I got a PM from 05013 the other day:

Subject: Post error
Leiza, in the guestbook a user called krysie posted 2 posts but next to her amount of posts it ses 0. glad if i helped u


1. I’m annoyed on how he was glad that he helped me. *rolls eyes*
2. I didn’t allow post increase in the guestbook. Go figure.
3. I’m annoyed that the PM came off as arrogant.


P.S. I love the Custom Friends option.

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Funny Thing About Restrooms

Reading a bit of jakerad‘s post made me think about our own restroom at work.

We have two separate restrooms in our floor. One for men, and one for women. It’s a single stall so you can lock yourself in there for privacy, and no one will bother you.

Lately, I have the stinking suspicion (and I meant the pun) that men use the women’s restroom. Why? Because no woman I know would splash urine on the front of the seat, smear it all over the commode, and let it dry. No woman I know would leave used toilet paper on the floor, or leave a dirty paper towel next to the sink.

It’s starting to look a lot like the men’s restroom now, which I can tell from the smell that emanates from the men’s restroom door. A few co-workers of mine have told me that it’s a mess in there. And there’s probably only 3 women that I know who work on our floor, so it’s really doubtful that we could make such a mess in there.

I don’t really mind that men use the women’s restroom if they really have to go and someone else is in the men’s restroom, but at least have the decency to clean up after yourself! That’s what really ticks me off.

One of these days, I’m going to request our supervisor to lock the women’s restroom and give only the women a key to the door. *sigh*