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Server Down

As of right now, server is down. I am still investigating what has happened. To those who frequent the site, please let me know the time and date you visited and if it was down or not.

Edit: As of 17:35 CST (5:35PM), it’s back up. I logged a help desk ticket to my host, and they did a reboot on the server. Thanks for letting me know, guys. It’s a lot of help. :)

5 thoughts on “Server Down”

  1. My results…

    Tried to get to at 5:58 pm Eastern time today. No dice. “Cannot find server” popped up. Hit Refresh because I don’t trust Comcast. “Cannot find server.” Did a hard refresh. “Cannot find server.” Okay.

    So I opened the MS-DOS prompt and tried pinging the site. Tried it first with my domain, and got ping replies for all 4 packets.

    So then I tried both and, with the following results:

    Unknown host

    Unknown host

    If it was just “Request timed out,” I wouldn’t worry too much, but you might want to have a word with your webhost… hope this is temporary.

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