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What I Use For Streaming: Webcams

So to those that don’t know, I started livestreaming back in 2018 on Twitch. I’m on hiatus now, but I still have some gadgets that I use for my everyday use like Zoom meetings, duets on TikTok, singing virtual with my siblings, and more. I’m going to start posting these gadgets and let you know what I use that I know work well, and are affordable. Please note these links are my Amazon affiliate links.

I’ve used a variety of gadgets throughout my streaming career. For today’s post, I’ll talk to you about the different types of webcams I’ve gone through.

Amcrest 1080p Webcam with Privacy Cover

Price On Oct 2021: $28.99 USD

This webcam is really affordable. I’m really amazed by the price, to be honest, because compared to my Logitech C922x webcam, which is triple the price, I felt the video quality is better. It also has a privacy cover you can flip down, so that’s a plus. I received this product in exchange for a review so if you want to see the video you can view the YouTube link below. I also compared it to the C922x webcam in the video.

Logitech C922x Pro Stream Webcam

Price On Oct 2021: $94.75 USD

This was the first webcam I’ve purchased and used at the start of my streaming career (aside from my integrated webcam on my gaming laptop). One of the plus sides for this is you can use the ChromaCam software to have chromakey backgrounds without a use for an actual green screen. However, I feel that it’s getting obsolete as there are way better webcams for 2021 for its video quality. Also my ChromaCam software stopped working for the C922x, which is a bummer. I’ve also had issues where the webcam would constantly autofocus and it doesn’t even do it well. I still have this webcam and can use it as a secondary camera if need be. Despite my grievances on this device, this doesn’t mean I don’t recommend this webcam, because it still works for what it does. It’s just my personal preference.

NexiGo 1080P 60FPS Webcam

Price On Oct 2021: $54.99 USD

I’ve used the NexiGo webcam for my church’s outdoor livestreams. I’ve never used it before but it was also cheaper than most webcam models and it was compared to Logitech C922x. It’s a good webcam for wide angles because it captures the whole audience and speaker. It has the auto-focus setting as well, but I had to turn that off and manually focus it because it kept auto-focusing on different things of the shot making the video output fluctuate. Still good for its buck, but probably not ideal for an outdoor setting.

And that’s it for the webcams I’ve used so far. If you like this series, please let me know through the comments and I will be posting more information of what devices/products I’ve used for livestreaming.

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Dead blog

I haven’t posted on here lately. I’m sorry I’m being such a slacker. But I’ve been on other social media: Facebook, Twitter, Discord, etc. So yeah, I’m around, just not on here. LOL. Feel free to look at my other links (if they still work). You can also see what I’ve been reading lately.

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RYNO – Compact, One-Wheeled Self-Balancing Electric Vehicle | Eco-friendly Vehicles

I kid you not, ever since I’ve watched the movie Lorax, this bike has been in my dreams constantly, balancing on a monobike and riding along a highway of the unknown. I would love to have one of these to make one of my dreams a reality.

RYNO Motors, a company with headquarters in Portland, Oregon, has recently presented an electric vehicle that has just one wheel.

Source: RYNO – Compact, One-Wheeled Self-Balancing Electric Vehicle | Eco-friendly Vehicles

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Single Mom For The Week…

…and I survived. I need a t-shirt now (?).

What once was super stressful for me to even consider 5 years ago, being a single mom for the week when my hubby went out of town for work wasn’t so bad as I thought it would be.


  • I have older kids now, and the only thing I have to be concerned about is my little “three-nager”.
  • My babysitter for 10 years is heaven-sent, though she couldn’t watch the three-nager for 1 day.
  • Ability to work-from-home on the 1 day my babysitter isn’t available. (Thank you, boss!!)
  • Neighbors with same aged kids as mine who were willing to look after them today (no school due to Memorial Day weekend).


Though it wasn’t so bad, I just hope it will not be an everyday thing (*virtually glares at hubby who isn’t here yet till tonight*), but at least I’m happy to know that we can adjust when these things have to happen.

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Lately, I’ve Been

It’s been a while since I posted anything here. I’m more active in sharing tidbits of thoughts in Twitter, or sharing some funny or thought-provoking pictures/posts in Facebook. If I post a picture up, it will usually be through Instagram (then fed through my Twitter feed) for insta-memorable moments, or Facebook for full-on albums.

Things I’ve been posting here lately are cool technology or interesting gadgets. I’m such a gadget whore. I can’t get enough of it. Thankfully, though, I’ve been keeping myself in check in not getting overboard (but oops! guilty: recently backed this).

However, I figured I should post more here. It would be a waste if I didn’t do anything with this site much, right?

I guess I can start with what’s been happening lately. You probably remember about my promotion last year in July. It’s been going steadily, though our application still hasn’t gone live company-wide. Lots of assessments, tweaks, and the three major reasons: compliance, governance, and budget. I learned these three big words from working on one single application to implement (another big word for me) for the whole company. This is a big deal, though. Such a huge undertaking to be had. This will change the whole company’s thought processes on how we collaborate and work. I’m even praying that I will be able to work from home full-time. Maybe.

So I’m doing all these meetings, doing all these testing, doing work, and everything. Right? Busy? Yes, sometimes. There is, of course, a lull once in a while right now because we are still in the planning process. However, my boss (manager) doesn’t think I’m doing enough. I don’t “have enough drive”. I’m not doing as much as my counterpart (there are two of us in the team) does.

What does he know? My co-worker has 8 years of experience in this. I have only 6 months experience in a product that was only introduced to me in passing due to issues of it when I was in customer support.

What does he know? He tells me he’s helping me get my foot in the door. Okay, so he did get my foot in the door, but c’mon now, give me some slack. I’m still learning. Heck, I don’t even have formal training in this. Send me somewhere where I can get validated.

I’m not aggressive. I do the work on what I’m handed to do. I accomplish things. I’m not just slacking off and doing nothing. I just do my job too fast.

Another thing there: too fast. I came from a world of customer support in the IT world, where “fast” is always the go-to thing we have to do to help the customer. I’m not used to wait-a-week-or-so-before-you-finish regimen when I can do it in less than five minutes. My philosophy was always “Work first, play later.” and from my husband, “Why let someone else do it, when you can do it yourself.”

I do things fast when I know I can do it that fast. It’s just to hard to go slow. But I have to do it. I have to be PC (politically correct), too. I can’t step on anyone’s toes. I have to wait for someone else to do what I could probably do. It’s hard, and it’s quite an adjustment, but I have to — no, will — do it. I’m just going to have to grit my teeth and bear it.

I do admit, there is a lesson on easing off on projects and waiting for a while. I’ve learned a few hard lessons on that, actually. So, it does pay off, and I won’t get my ass handed to me. I just have to slow down…and be zen.

I guess this post turned into a work rant. Heh. Sorry for the rant, just needed to get it off my chest. I feel a bit better now. I’ll just stop now and go back to work.