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Amusing Thing

I have a somewhat shallow sense of humor. Almost anything will make me laugh if it tickles my bones.

One in particular, today, was when I was on my way to pick up some lunch. There was this guy in a motorcycle “crotch rocket” type, and I noticed I could almost see a plumber’s crack.

I kinda snickered and checked to make sure I wasn’t seeing things, right when the stoplight turned red. But just as I was going to glance towards him, he turned and looked my way. It was as if he felt I was looking at him. Of course, I turned away just as he did that.

What amused me was the fact that I turned away like that, and also the fact I even tried to check if he was showing a plumber’s crack. Maybe he felt a breeze back there. I didn’t bother to check again. The light had already turned green.


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My memories has always been hazy.  I always tell Luci this, that I never remember everything we’ve done together or anything in my life for that matter.  Even when some trivial thing in the past I’ve done, I wouldn’t remember some of it.

It’s not like I have Alzheimer’s.  I don’t think I have that disease.  But sometimes, just little things like making origami for a friend back in college, or singing Little Mermaid’s Part of Your World in my own Tagalog version, I don’t remember any of those until someone in my life tells me or reminds me about it.  “Remember when….?”  Gah, why can’t I remember those things?  They are so special to me, yet why?

I do think I tend to block out some things to make room for newer memories.  However, there are times, I would tell myself, “Oh, this is something I need to remember!  It was so fun this day!” but then, that memory fades away like it was never there.  Well, it could be there, but it would be in the back of my mind.

That’s why I like taking pictures and videos as much as I can.  It’s my basis for my memories.  I would look at one picture and say, “Oh yeah! That happened that day! I’m so glad I remembered.”

Yet, there are things I will always remember.  My firsts.  My lasts.  My heartaches. My loves.  Those things, I cannot forget.  Those things, I will always treasure.

What memory, do you think, we had together that you will always remember?  Maybe you can help me remember them again?

P.S.  And I hope my friend Jamie is happy that I updated this blog.  I know it’s been a while. :)

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We’re Okay Here.

Seriously. We haven’t even been affected by Ike or anything. People have been asking if we’re okay and such. There was little rain and winds weren’t that bad, either, though we had a wind advisory. In fact, it’s actually sunny today.

Galveston didn’t have it so lucky, though. There has been alertness all around our workplace because we might get some transfers from other children’s hospitals from Houston/Galveston.

Thanks for your concern for us. We’re really okay.

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Thinking of…

I have an affinity to be melodramatic. My imagination always, ALWAYS goes haywire with little things like missing a stair step that I end up falling down and hitting my head on the sharp edge of the piano leg that’s right at the end of the stairs at home. And what would happen afterwards, and so on. The list is goes on that contain lots of worst-scenario mishaps I might encounter. This also includes wrong-doings that might happen to my hubby or my daughter, but mostly mainly me.

I’m always afraid of death. I’m sure I’m not the only one. It’s not really the death itself that scares me the most. It’s leaving the ones behind. What happens when I’ve passed on. How will they cope when I’m gone. Also the things I’ve done on the Internet will still be somewhat active still, yet the “star” is not there. It’s almost to the point that I want to make a living will.

I know I’m being weird. I don’t think I’ll die anytime soon, but there’s always the thought. You’ll never really know, huh?

I’m also afraid of losing hubby. I don’t show it much, but in the back of my mind, I’m screaming and pulling my hair out due to worry for my husband. He’s been really lucky, or shall I say blessed, in life. He’s had so many life-threatening accidents happen and he comes out unscathed. But how long will it last?

I guess I’m just scared in total of the uncertainty of life. I see all these murders and deaths happen in the news lately, it’s almost become a “household” theme. Like this man, for example, who stabbed his wife to death because she wouldn’t sleep in the bedroom. I mean, c’mon! It’s just so totally bogus to have something happen like that just because of a minute matter.

I have an affinity to be melodramatic. Now you know why.

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2008 Realizations

So, since the first of the new year has come and gone, I realized some things:

~ You’ll get sick no matter what. And how. This cold has been creeping up since the 29th of December while I fought it and it won. Retaliation!

~ You’re still the same as you used to be. You’d think some kind of transformation will happen once the clock struck midnight. Wrong! I’m still 4 feet 10 and a half inches tall. Bummer.

~ Family is here to stay. And yay! I really love my family. Spending time with my two aunts, Auntie Vren and Auntie Gigi made me nostalgic. So much so that I went all the way to Bridgeport and with a slight fever just to spend time with them. Dani had a blast as well.

~ God is an awesome God. On the drive home before midnight on New Year’s Eve, I kept praying to God to keep me safe and sound. All the stoplights were green, not many vehicles were around, and no accidents. Even made it home 30 minutes before midnight. Praise God!

I hope for a safe, healthy, blessed, loving new year for everyone. Here’s to you! *toast*

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Christmas and the New Year is Looming

I was glad to hear that someone is covering for me on the 24th so my family and I can spend Christmas with my family. It’s always been the family tradition to celebrate Christmas during the night of the 24th, but this time it’s going to be during brunch. Living in the U.S. isn’t easy when the half of the population is working on a holiday, especially Christmas. I’m one of them. My job may be nice, but we work 24/7, including every holiday known to man.

Not that I complain about working holidays. I like working the days, because there is hardly anyone here. It’s quiet, I could probably take a nap if I wanted to, play online games (shhh), but only if there isn’t anything going on.

I’m very thankful lately that I have a great family. I know we were all scattered here and there back in the day, where you hardly saw anyone, and you hardly did anything. But it’s just now that I feel that though we have been far apart, we have grown closer. I love my siblings more than ever, and I have more camaraderie with them. Also, it’s just lately I have learned more about them than in my younger years when I was self-absorbed and oblivious. It’s very refreshing to know that I have, at least, connected with them even more.

So what has the past year been like?

Last May, Dani celebrated her first birthday. It wasn’t much, just us 3 but still it has been fun just being together. It made me cringe tho that she used her hands to eat and messed up her birthday suit. Ah, well, all in the occasion, huh? :)

Dani also had her first haircut this year. Her bangs were just getting into her eyes, and we thought it was time. We took her to the hairdresser and it was hard for her to keep still. I had to have her sit on my lap and hold her head while the hairdresser cut the bangs. Dani was kind of scared, but was more scared of the stranger cutting her hair than the actual cutting.

Had another family reunion in July and it was fun. We also had the chance to see my stepmother, Auntie Gigi perform on stage during the reunion. Luci, Dani and I drove all the way to Chicago and had a blast doing it. Also the most memorable of all, having my family sing together in my aunt’s church. Just being together like that gave me goose bumps.

My first trip to Singapore happened in November. I was also able to get my eldest sister to join us during our trip there. It was fun seeing her again and having to spend time with. She and her hubby were also able to see Dani for the first time. Dani seemed to know they were family since she took to them right away. I was going to arrange to go back to the Philippines for a couple of days as well, but that plan didn’t work so well. Maybe one of these years, Luci, Dani and I will plan to go home again for Christmas and New Year.

So, yeah, I’ve been pretty thankful this past year. Where in that certain day of time we look back and think of the bad things, all I can think of right now are the good things. God has blessed us and I am happy.

So what’s in store for the next year? Right now, I’m praying for another child. Why not join me? :)

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Such is Life

Once I start typing here, I feel like I want to curl back in bed and sleep. Why do I feel like writing on my blog makes my skin crawl? Or that is has leprosy and I must stay away. Just weird. Well, I’ll try to post something worthwhile.

Highlights, from now to then:
~ Still playing LOTRO.
~ Had Thanksgiving, November.
~ Went to Singapore for 7 days, November.
~ One of my great-uncles passed away, November.
~ Also learned one of my great-aunts passed away, few years back.
~ Family reunion in Chicago, July.

That’s all I remember right from memory. Happiness and sadness, all rolled into one. Such is life.

Up ahead:
~ Will be working Christmas day.
~ Will be working New Year’s day.

Such is life.