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Maingear Rush

Looks awesome, but man, $15,000 for the premium hardware thrown in!

Want a powerful gaming desktop that’s so beautiful you can show it off like a museum display piece? Check out the Maingear Rush.

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Kangaroo PC


This could be useful for hubby when he’s on the go for charter flights. :)

Kangaroo is a smartphone-sized PC that comes with an accompanying dock, which plugs into any monitor or TV to enable a proper desktop computing experience.

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Office 2016 Is Here!

Today is the worldwide release of Office 2016 for Windows. This marks a milestone in delivering new value for Office 365 subscribers with a focus on collaboration, apps that work for you, a perfect pairing with Windows 10, and security features businesses will love. It also marks a new model for delivery, where subscribers can expect to get more frequent updates with new features and improvements. Along with Office 2016…

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