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Thoughts of the Day

I feel a little lost, somewhat. I’ve been feeling this way a lot. I don’t know why. It’s like I’m always trying to look for Leiza, and wonder what she’s doing. Just generally blah, I guess.

It’s a nice feeling to have someone think about you and how special you are. It really lifts up the spirits. Especially when you think that everything you do is all for naught.

I’m restless. I can’t keep my hands still.

I’ve decided to cancel my cable internet. Stupid Comcast. And stupid SBC Yahoo! wants us to pay $800+ for setting up DSL in our area. Eww!

I took pictures of Lady, our new puppy, but of course, silly little me has been procrastinating on posting it. I hope I will do it tonight.

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Hello, Darkness, My Old Friend

And so, I didn’t sleep until the beginning lights of dawn was seeping through the window blinds. I could already hear birds waken welcoming the morning sun and eager to go back to their daily activities.

My body has gotten used to it, but as usual, it screams for accomplishment. Of what? Of something, an unexplainable need to do whatever is restless in my heart. All I did was sit and stare at the T.V., hoping that by some miracle, it would take me into THAT adventure.

How every little minute changes the whole of your life. Lucien and I had a little petty tiff, even I didn’t see it coming. We were lovey-dovey one minute and BANG! hostile the next.

Yet, one should never leave the other with contempt, and I ended up hugging and kissing him before he left to earn a living. Funny how things end.

And so, I fall in slumber, finally, and know that peace is within the land. For now.

Blah, Me, Ponderisms


Why is it that weekends seem so short?

How come I stay up late so much?

Why do people keep calling when I’m asleep and never do when I’m awake?

Why is it I get hungry in the middle of the night?

Why is it that on days I’m off, I don’t want to do anything, and when I’m not off, I want to do something?

Should there be a 4-day-week and 3-day-weekend law?

When is monotony going to end?

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School Withdrawals

I think I’m having school withdrawals. I’m actually thinking about going back again, and finally finish a degree (even an associate’s will do). I want to. It’s one of the goals in my life. And so, I’m looking through online courses. Thing is, I am still thinking it over. Why?

It’s not the right time. I haven’t the money to start off again, nor the energy to pull it off. Plus, the re-applying and the forms I have to fill out. It’s enough to give me a headache.

I guess it’s just something like ‘a day at a time.’ I have to just start off slow, with baby steps, before I can go all out. For now, I will predict that by next year, I will be able to go back to school.

Even if I have to start over with a different major.

Anthropology looks really appealing right now (don’t ask me why).

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So, after the performance last Saturday, I’ve begun to realize I’m making a comeback to the Filipino culture group. My thirst for learning about my roots has taken over me again. I’ll have to take up arnis again, too. I just hope I won’t get burned out again like before. I enjoy doing this just to make other people unknown to the culture understand what Filipinos are about.

I can’t wait to see the video they did for the performance. The first part was really well done and it actually sent chills up my spine because of how moving it was. I’ll definitely send a copy to my friend, Jennifer, in SF.

In other news, going to watch movies all day Sunday with my sister. That would be fun. I haven’t done that in a long while.

In other other news, Lucien’s birthday is on Saturday, but I have no idea what to get him.

In other other other news, I’ll be going out of town again last week of August. Where? Chicago. My cousin’s getting married. :)

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Insult or Praise?

Got this on a comment on my tagboard:
Steffi:: after seeing your pic, I know why you are online so much…

I don’t know if this was meant to be an insult or praise. It just makes me wonder. Hmmm…

Some Nonsensical Facts Again:
1/4 of the bones in your body are in your feet.
You blink over 10,000,000 times a year.
The average human produces 10,000 gallons of saliva in a lifetime.

Thoughts of the Day:
What’s worse: to risk embarrassment, or to always wonder what might have been?
It’s okay to shut the door on the world now and then. But don’t throw away the key.

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Tae-Bo and Emotions

I have 4 tapes of Tae-Bo in my videotape rack gathering dust. I bought it way back when Tae-Bo was really popular, thinking I would use the tapes to help exercise. Yeah, right. Like I would really use them, huh? Because I didn’t.

Oddly enough, I picked up the Tae-Bo 8-Minute Workout last night. I mean, why not? So, I put it in the tape player and started it. I gotta tell you, 8 minutes of hard-pumping is really good, but then make sure that you stretch before doing this. Believe me, I know. *groans*

I’m thinking, though, with my busy schedule like this, I will still have time even for just 8 minutes. I think I’ll try this out for a month and see where it gets me.

I’m just an emotional wreck lately. Today I cried over a little thing…not even meant to be cried over. I don’t know why I do this, but the tears just keep coming. *sigh*

Nonsensical fact of the day: A human brain weighs about 3 lbs.