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Procrastination is a Bad Habit

I’ve been meaning to post something for some time now, but I’ve procrastinated. It’s a bad habit, I tell you. You start putting things off, and keep on doing it until it’s too late. Which reminds me – I need to start doing my taxes before it’s too late! :P

Anyways, here’s what’s been going on so far.

My maternal grandfather passed away the start of this month. As far as I could tell from folks that he has had medical problems since February. He wasn’t eating properly, which isn’t good for a diabetic, and he became weak. My aunt (my mom’s sister) didn’t want to leave Lolo (“grandfather” in Filipino) in his condition, I think, but she had to go to some sort of conference in Washington. She visited Dallas for a few days before going on to the conference. I heard the news from my brother’s sudden phone call on my cell phone at work. Such a shock. I then proceeded to call my mom (who was in church at the time with my aunt) and I couldn’t get a hold of them for an hour. I called my sister also to inform her about what happened and how my mom was unreachable. I got a little frustrated at some point, that I cried, coupled that with the shock of Lolo passing. Finally, my mom got the call and she started to work, so to speak. My aunt had to cut her trip short, and my mom had to get a flight home. They did the necrological services a few days later. I heard that they did a 21-gun salute, as Lolo was a retired Colonel in the military.

Good news on my last doctor’s check-up. My blood sugar is normal, not even borderline for diabetes, so very, very good news. Doc said that the baby is growing normally. And it’s such a surprise when she told me I’m already in my 28th week since March 7th. Wow, 2 more months and this baby will be coming to this world.

My sister Christinne mentioned something about births and deaths in the family. She remembered that when my paternal grandfather passed away, my sister gave birth to a son that very same year. She said that the case may be the same for my baby. A life after death, so to speak. Something to think about.

My dad from Rhode Island also visited us folks in Dallas at the end of February/start of March. It was nice to see him again after so long. I don’t even remember the last time I saw him last, me and my forgetful mind. He stayed at my sisters’ for a couple of days and spent some time with the grandchildren and he had the chance to see our house of 2 years finally and stayed there before going back. We even watched the movie, “Firewall” which was really good. Dad even got a chance to taste one of our most favorite beverages here in Dallas – Lolicup. :) Since my aunt was also here, we decided to have a family dinner before my aunt left the next day.

Too bad both visits were short-lived. I miss my family. :(

Luci’s back in Taipei this week for job training, and I’m missing him everyday. It’s a good thing I can keep busy for a while. We also pleasantly found out that we can call each other on the cell phone. I just hope that it doesn’t charge us too much, or hopefully, none at all, since we are on the same plan. We’ll see it on the next cell phone bill. For the meantime, we just try to keep the phone calls to 3 minutes minimum. Besides, he can check email everyday also (but, of course, it’s nothing compared to hearing his voice).

That’s it so far. I hope I didn’t forget anything. If I do, I’ll make sure to post it the next time. :)

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Satellite TV is Evil, but DVR is Good

Remember Well, I was channel-changing looking for things to watch for on TV one day. I saw a video of a band I don’t know (found out now that the band’s name is All-American Rejects) but they were singing about ‘secrets’ and they were showing all, or almost all, the postcards sent to the site. I think it’s awesome the site is getting exposure but, at the same time, I’m envious. It’s one of those things I wish I thought of the idea first. Sigh. I know my day will come.

Speaking of thinking up on ideas or inventions, Lucien and I unofficially play a game of thinking up of stuff that will make things better. Like one of those informercial thingies. It’s funny what we come up with, but for the moment, I don’t remember what they are. Maybe I should write it down. Knowing me, I would lose interest soon.

I’m bad in keeping projects. I usually start on one with gusto, enthusiasm and diligence, but I would lose interest quick. I think the reason why is that I don’t set too much of my priorities straight as far as hobbies go. I have too much that I want to do. Cross-stitching, reading, writing, model-building, painting, etcetera, etcetera. I think the only thing I do properly is reading.

Been addicted to Stargate SG-1 lately. Ever since we got the Satellite TV and DVR, I made it a point to record all of the episodes to catch up on what I missed. I’m glad they still have the series going until now on Sci-Fi, though I’m not too partial on the new Colonel. I miss the old cast. At least 2 or 3 of them are still there. Unfotunately, I haven’t been too enthusiastic in recording other series. Shows like CSI (which I should since I watch it every chance I get), Charmed, and Smallville. I don’t know. Everytime I try to record them, I opt to delete them afterwards, not watching them. It’s weird.

Well, that’s how my life is going right now. That’s why I’m not writing too much lately, because I’m boring and pretty much everything is the same. Heh.

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I’m Here

I don’t know why I’m slacking on writing here. Sorry, folks. I just don’t have anything to say. Well, maybe a few. I do miss this, though. I just wish I had more enthusiasm on doing this.

As far as my diet program is doing, it’s doing well. I have lost another 1.2 pounds since my last weighing last Thursday. Slowly, but surely. It’s so fulfilling seeing those numbers go down.

My brother found a different adoption lawyer, but this dude is cheaper and as efficient as the other one. We are still in the process of getting the papers together. A home study, we were told, will take 3 months to complete. Ewww. I also need a Certificate of Good Moral Character for Lucien and I. Maybe my mom can help me out on that.

Works been good. No complaints. And nothing to tell,’s pretty much the same thing.

The weather is getting the best of me. I’m looking forward to the fall and winter. Hopefully, we’ll have snow this year.

I wish I can travel. Or even go with Lucien to Taiwan this September. I just feel like going to other places instead of here. It’s been a bit monotonous lately.

I guess that’s it. If you think I should say something else, ask me a question and I will post an long winding answer. :P

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Pope Prophecies?

Wow, a new pope already? I was hoping they would stretch it out a bit. :P

Anyways, I found this in a forum about naming popes and I quote,

“…In my years of religious education, I remember Brother Bob tell me about this prophecy concerning the popes.

He said when the Pope is elected, he is given a secret manuscript that was dictated by Mary, mother of Jesus. He then chooses a name for his reign based on this ‘list of popes.’

Its all a doomesday prophecy.. but after 2,000 years can you imagine what documents are locked away in the Vatican’s library?

But Anyway, after Pope John Paul II passes away, there will be another pope, Pope Benedict XVI then Pope Peter II. There has never been a pope named after the first Peter before, and this signals the end of the Roman Church.

After googling, this is an interesting site on the idea:
The Future and The Popes

I do disagree with him saying that Pope Peter will not mean the end of the world.. well, I think it will not mean the end of the world, but probably the end of the Catholic Church–much as Nostradomas predicts that the Church and its corruption will end…”,


I suggest you check out what the article said. It’s very interesting.

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Needlepoint and Strange Conversations

I knew it. I knew the time my mom gave me a needlepoint craft for my birthday I would be addicted to it again. Once I get started on these kinds of projects, it’s hard for me to stop. I remember finishing one big 18×18 cross-stitch project. It took me four months to finish.

I will never tire. I will never wane. I will finish the project no matter what. No matter how my fingers hurt. No matter how I squint through the dim light. No matter how my back hurts from crouching. No matter how many countless hours I’d be at it. I will finish this project. No. Matter. What.

Last night, it took me four hours to calm down from my excitement starting on this project. By that time, Luci had come home and I was ready to sleep at 6:30 AM and get up at 12 noon. *sigh* Crazy schedules.

In other news, Luci and I went to eat at a nearby Burger Station and started talking about philosophy/Christanity/death/pre-destiny mix over a mushroom burger and steak fingers. The grease must have triggered it. Or probably the two toy salesmen and the promoting pizza guy (Who in the hell gives out pizza for a small fee in a burger restaurant?? Odd, I tell you!) that came in a few minutes after we sat down. I’ll probably never know.

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Mods and Sleepiness

I’ve been looking into some Invision Board mods for my forum, specifically RSS feeds, but I can’t seem to find a good one that works for me. I’ve also been browsing the IB company forums to find out if they have something that will help me recover accidentally deleted members, but the only solution is to restore the tables from my backup, and I don’t have a good current backup. *sigh* At least I found one that enables new users to register within the maximum username length of 15 characters. Before that, I’ve had a few members that registered with their names so long, it’s getting ridiculous.

Anyway, ’twas weird to find myself so sleepy yesterday at work. Usually, I can find ways to wake me up, but I guess I was just too tired. Even my co-worker was tired. Just weird.

On Wednesday, Lucien and I hope to go to Seminole and visit his old high school there. After we get back, hopefully we can get to Ennis to attend the Blue Bonnet Trails Festival they hold every year. That would be fun, and I’ll try to take some pictures.

I’m rambling now, so I’ll get back to work. :P

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My Yearbook Frustrations

A comment I made on ravager‘s blog that I thought I’d use as an entry (sorry I’m lazy, hehe):

I have always had a desire for yearbooks from my former schools. I never got one for a few reasons:

– they don’t have enough funds to make yearbooks
– they probably don’t even know there’s such a thing as yearbooks
– maybe it’s because I was in a different school than my other siblings (they all went to one school and I was in another, grr)
– when I heard that my HS was giving yearbooks away on my senior year, I signed up for it, only to be disappointed that the project didn’t push through and no yearbook for me. :( (I later learned that it did push through, but I was already overseas and 5 years too late to get it)

So, getting a yearbook puts me in a frustrated mood. Ah well. Maybe I’ll make my own yearbook. That’s an idea. :)

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Well, the Easter Sunday service I attended last Sunday was a short one (30 minutes only) but it was probably the most touching one in all the Easter Sunday services I have attended.

The chapel is a small place and have a few pews, but it was cozy enough. The congregation was comprised of patients in the hospital, parents of patients, and some that worked in the hospital. At one point, the pastor invited everyone to share what Easter meant to them. Only a few spoke up, but they shared their views on Easter, and I believe there wasn’t a dry eye anywhere.

I felt humbled and knew that my hardships weren’t compared to these people: parents who have sick kids, the kids themselves who were sick…yet they had the faith in God and they never wavered from that faith.

That’s all for today. :)

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Holy Week

It’s weird…usually on this day, back in the Philippines, I would be bored to death at home because most stores/malls would be closed to observe the Holy Week. Also, there would be nothing good to see on TV, because mostly some TV networks would not be airing anything because of Holy Week. Some people wouldn’t be working at all.

And here I am…though I’m not working today, I would be working on the weekend, including Easter Sunday. I liked the old Holy Week tradition, though, because then I can reflect on what Jesus had done for us on that dreadful day where He suffered on the cross and saved us from all our sins. I was a little concerned that I wouldn’t be able to attend an Easter Sunday service, but thankfully, the chapel at the hospital is having one on the time I’m at work.

Happy Resurrection day! He is Risen! :)