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Bleh, my friend J wanted me to blog so here I go…

I’m losing two of my days off for two weeks, because one of my co-workers’ dad has died and they are making preparations for the memorial service and stuff and I’m filling in for one of the days he’s supposed to come in. I know how it is to lose a loved one. *sigh*

Yesterday, Lucien and I saw that hand doctor he was supposed to see. He said that the hand was looking good and that there was nothing else that he needed to fix on it, but just let it heal and probably when Lucien gets those pins out, he might have a skin graft on the worst part of the finger. So, we see Lucien’s regular doctor next week.

Lucien was mad at his W/C insurance, because they rejected a deposit of a check that they sent. We were like, wth, and Lucien talked to the claim adjuster the next day. We found out that it was a miscommunication on the insurance company’s part, because before that, Lucien called them that there were a few corrections on the address information, but the check was correct. So, the insurance company thought that everything was incorrect, including the check, so they stopped payment on it. Morons.

Talked to my eldest sister the other day and told her what happened Thanksgiving. She said that it has happened in the past and that it shouldn’t let it affect me. “Just let it go.” Yeah, yeah, I’m trying.

Tomorrow, I’m going to my company’s holiday party. This will be the first time I get to go. It will be fun seeing some co-workers I haven’t seen other than hear their voices on the phone. Among other things, haha. :)

I guess that’s it for now. Hope J’s satisfied now. Bleh.

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There Goes The Posting

Ack! I guess my new policy of updating daily has gone down the drain. Sorry, guys. I have been so busy in between keeping up with Lucien’s meds and TLC, Lani (our dog) having an attack-of-the-fleas, and me playing another online game. I guess that’s mostly the summary of what I’ve been doing lately, and just saying that over and over again everyday will be redundant. But! I may have something to talk about today. :)

Today is the start of my new crazy schedule. Well, technically it is, but my new crazy schedule officially starts Saturday. Today, though, I work my first 12-hour shift. Hehe, feels like working as a nurse. :) I’ll be off tomorrow, but start working Saturday. My new crazy schedule will be a 12-12-8-8 hour shift. Which means, I work 2 days for 12 hours and 2 days for 8 hours. This will be fun. I say this because it will be different from the monotony I always experience from Monday through Friday. And I always consider new things an adventure. *winks at Jo* Also, I will be off for 3 days, whee! :)

Last Monday, Lucien and I went to see the ortho doctor to check his hand. The doc took off his cast finally, but still replaced it with bandages so his hand will be protected but be able to circulate blood more efficiently. The doc said the hand looks good, but was concerned on an area on Lucien’s middle finger that looked ‘dusky’. We’ll check back with him on Wednesday to see if it had healed better.

I guess that’s it. Till then. :)

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Hey, You, It’s Been A While

Yes, it has been a while. I just don’t have anything interesting to post about. If I said that I had a few minor troubles in one of the websites I’m working on, you’d be bored in a heartbeat. So yeah. Nothing interesting. But maybe this time I have something.

Remember that blood donation day? I still have that bruise on my arm. Though healing nicely, my arm looks a little suspicious to an untrained eye. It’s a good thing that I have long sleeves that I can wear until the bruise heals up for good.

Have been trying to get into Smallville lately, as they have Lois Lane in the cast (no clue for how long). I was fortunate enough to tape the season premiere and it was cool to see Clark Kent fly! :)

Had some talks about God with a co-worker again today. I am truly convinced that this dude could be a preacher; he talks up a storm! And he makes good points as well. Made me think, too. Is there such a thing as ‘pre-destiny’?

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Careful, careful!

There was a huge storm last night and it’s still raining a bit today.

Because of the rain, some workers at Lucien’s work place stopped doing what they were doing and ran inside the building. Lucien was mad because they left some freight out in the rain which were critical. So, he filed a complaint to the manager (they are buddies) through email and carbon-copied to the other managers.

After Lucien dropped me off from work, the manager called him at home. Apparently, he jokingly emailed a reply to Lucien saying, “Why don’t you call 1-800-WHO-GIVES-A-F**K?” and hit Send.

He realized too late that he replied to all of the people that had a copy of the first email.

And now, he’s trying to call everybody who received the email and apologize. I think one of them is in Taipei. LOL!

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Well, I’m trying to post this entry via email, so we’ll see how this goes.

I am thinking of my possibility of going home to the Philippines next year. It’s a must that I go home, because (it’s a good excuse, believe me, teehee) my grandparents are having their 55th wedding anniversary.

I talked to a co-worker who worked at the hospital more years than I, and found out that if I accumulated 160 hours of Paid-Time-Off (PTO), I will be able to stay in the Philippines for a month! Wow! I have 92 hours so far and May is still far away. I think I can make this work. What’s even better is that Lucien might be able to stay for a month as well. Whee! :)

Three weeks and I’ll be out of town again. Going to a cousin’s wedding in Chicago. It will be a mini-reunion as well. Hope all goes well. I already found a great deal in for hotel accommodations and rental car package.

That’s all for now. Ta.

Edit: The email posting works! Yay.

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I have been watching the new Sentai (Power Rangers) series that’s popular in Japan right now: Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger. Deka means Detective, as so I’ve been told.

It looks good…but it was nothing compared to my old favorite: CHODENSHI BIOMAN. I’m probaby biased because that was the Sentai series I grew up watching.

So, yeah…that’s what has been occupying me for the week mostly.

In other news, it’s strange how last week, when I only had 3 days to work, seemed longer than this week.

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I just had my yearly review with my supervisor. It looks like I’ll be getting a raise plus a promotion! :D The promotion won’t be until next year, where they can put it in the budget, though, but I’m happy nonetheless. :)

In other news, people do react in the little things I do for the site. I think it’s really making me realize on how popular it is. But I can’t please all of them, apparently. :(

Work Drama


I can see it in the hospital newspaper headlines:


Yep. Our 15-second hail freak storm brought the phone lines in the hospital down. The bad part is, we can’t page anybody or call anybody, because, you guessed it, no dial tone!

I only learned that our phones weren’t working when one of the Engineering dudes came and shouted across the hall to me. I guess the whole hospital is in panic.

Good thing that I was able to get a hold of the Telecom Director on his home phone. We are basically working through cell phones so to speak. Another good thing is that another I/S dude is here, so he’s going back and forth between buildings for the Telecom guys until they get here.

I just talked to my mom and said that they don’t have any electricity on her end. I’m glad that we have generators here to keep our systems up.

This certainly perked me up. ;)